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SHOCKING: Troll Proves Comedian’s Point

Last week I posted a blog post about ideas regarding hate and violence I had been sitting on for some time. It was met with a mostly positive reactions, which made me very happy as this was a very difficult post to write and I wanted to do it in the most appropriate ways possible. However, there was one person that got caught up in some joke wording that really steered him away from the main idea of the post, which you can read here.

We have an early morning argument that I have been describing as the internet equivalent to talking quietly to someone who is yelling at you. I screenshot what ensued for your entertainment before I did delete the very annoying cyclical argument and I will break it down now.

Strong StartScreenshot (19)The most interesting part of this is that I made a joke in the first three lines of the blog about how white women are stereotyped to hate minorities and run charities. That got nothing. We can see here from the get go that this is never going to “go my way” because he refers to me in the third person while posting directly to my page and then calls her a cunt. You guys are smart, so you see me calmly and eloquently call him a stupid, small-minded, self-hating, misogynist. He does not notice that. Let’s continue.

Projected InsecuritiesScreenshot (20)

I think the disregard for any oppression is just as hindering as blatant projections of discrimination. I try to keep it light and reiterate that he is missing the meaning of the blog by focusing on really just the fact that I am white. However, I can’t actually control myself and I’ll translate my underlying sass. When I said “my post got crossed up with your daily search to dethrone white guilt” I meant “I consider you a white men’s rights activist who is so caught up in your own privilege that you spend time at your mom’s house just looking to troll anyone who is not paying attention to white people exclusively.”

I actually prefer “people Bing” but I trust either just the same. The reason I don’t really get inflamed during this whole thing is that nothing he said ever really upset me -except the cunt word. Nothing else he says is more important than what the actual post was about. Also, saying someone is a descendant of Africa is as specific as calling someone white. Africa is a continent where most black people are from, white people also mostly come from one continent.

Getting Mixed InScreenshot (21)Quickly noting that aside from hateful slurs “scripts I’ve penned” is one of the grossest phrases in this language. Part of his first comment is cut off but you are clearly not missing anything that I felt was worth addressing.

I think it becomes very clear here that he has grouped me into all the other arguments he has had about this certain topic. Which probably progressed similarly because he is still holding onto a lot of frustration about it. I do not like words like tolerance or equality and therefore did not use them in my post. I did use love, my bad. Now, equity is the most important word here because he does not understand it. Because he did not personally oppress (he thinks) anyone then he shouldn’t have to help them now more than he has to help himself. He also needs to be credited for treating people in a way that he is JUST SUPPOSED TO. My dismissive joke about the make my brother’s race conjured up his fear that someone might forget about white people if we don’t reiterate we are not all evil. That constant compensation alone is the the sure sign of a Napoleon Complex. Equity is what is fair, equality changes language and leaves it at that. Here is my favorite illustration to show the difference: 2014_health_equity_SHR_health_equityThe argument continues as some other supporters get involved. Notice again it becomes obvious the dude is not smart enough to get any humor at all. As I stated earlier that I was a cunt because of the need to protect myself from dudes like him, he took that as me telling him it was okay to use that word. Actually it was deflecting and then saying that “people like him” that use hate speech like that make me defensive. Screenshot (22)

I ended it because it was becoming cyclical and really pulling away from the positive direction everyone else was taking it. So I deleted them and put them here. I do want to thank everyone that shared, liked  and commented about it. Especially, to those who sent me personal messages and e-mail that were all super nice. It made me worry even less about this dude.

We talk about it a little bit more on this week’s episode of the HugLife Podcast which you can check out here or on iTunes/Stitcher.

Now imagine me leaving my first internet fight, like this:


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  1. Kaitlin Nelson

    Monica! You are so gracious and patient, and it’s obvious that you really take the time to think about what you’re saying before you write it. This person didn’t deserve to have you look in his general direction, but you took the time to try to straighten things out so he would understand the message you were REALLY trying to get out; one of love and unity. It’s obvious this guy is predisposed to hate women, so I genuinely applaud that you took the time to try to talk to him! I know that if I were in your place, I would have stooped to his level. As is, I have some choice nicknames for him..

    Anyway, you’re rad.

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