Here is the new website. I like it a lot and have worked on it hard in the last couple of days. Like all of the whole days. It’s beautiful, it has fun new pictures, my calendar is updated, they let me name the tabs (obviously) and you can send me messages on the Say Something Nice page! But gains cannot come without losses.

“It’s only when we have lost everything that we’re free to do anything” -Chuck Palahniuk

Yep, I can do whatever I want. Like quote Fight Club. Unfortunately, the beauty of the new website does come from the sad, sad loss of all of my blogs from the past. This one hurts the worst because I was very proud of some of the things I had recently written and was also in the process of writing a multi-part story about my birthday. I will have to start over, much like moving, am I right? Not going to do it.

“Everyone smiles with an invisible gun to their head” -Also, Chuck Palahniuk

Same book. Look forward to hearing from you.