Craigslist Realness

If you are not aware once a month at Tacoma Comedy Club in Tacoma, Washington we put on a Battle of the Sexes show. And as much as I love that constant comparison (sarcasm) that show is really fun. Stand-up and improv games for points to see who wins and who gets mad over an imaginary competition! That being said the ladies team (Team Snatch Berries) won this last round. :)

During the show we have HEAD-TO-HEAD battles which are my favorite part and can include, writing a short rap, an emo poem or in this case a craigslist missed connection/casual encounters ad. The August competition had me selected against Mr. Nigel Larson to write a Craigslist ad which the audience got to choose the location and 3 words I had to use in the ad. I had to write an ad for someone I met at Subway using the words mayonaise, sock puppet and Salvation Army. Here is what I came up with:

I knew we had something special when I saw your foot-long. I usually don’t eat sandwiches but as fate had it I would try a lot of new things that day. I hate mayonnaise but I ordered extra to get my point across. I have never ever felt like this since the last time I was at Salvation Army and that guy asked me for a hand job while I wore a donated sock puppet… that didn’t work out. I wouldn’t be writing this if I wasn’t over him. I can’t stop thinking about you putting your extra meat in my warm bun. If you ever want to find out how Jared lost all that weight, e-mail me and I’ll show you exactly what he ate.

The audience greatly enjoyed it and I won that head to head battle. Naughty and ridiculous, I received many compliments afterwards for my forbidden love story. The previous month I had written an emo poem about marriage that was fairly popular and someone had requested that I post it online. I posted it on my fan page ( for those who missed out on the performance to read.

Since, that went so well we decided I should actually post my craigslist ad to craigslist.

Original Craigslist Post

Here are my favorites out of the responses:

Many were very aware of what was happening and replied that it wasn’t them but they were interested anyways: 

Screenshot (11)

Not him

Some thought, just maybe they were the Subway Prince:

Boat Accident

A few just jumped right in and started talking dirty and ridiculous:

(This is a long drawn out inappropriate story but the yellow mark is my favorite park)


Most just had this question:


And some just wanted to compliment my talents:

Screenshot (10)

Such interesting responses from just one fake craigslist ad. And as much as I wanted to know more about the boat accident or tuning a distant radio, all of those guys are still waiting for the Subway Princess to respond. Even the guy that sent me the picture of him in his speedo…

All in a months work at the Tacoma Comedy Club Battle of the Sexes show. Next show is October 19th at 8pm! If you wear a costume you get in for free!

If you want to hear more about my ridiculous life and specifically more about the most recent Battle of the Sexes show listen to my podcast with Mike Coletta called Hug Life! Episode 5 we talk a lot about the September edition! Listen to all the episodes, subscribe and rate/review it so more people can enjoy the positivity!

:) Monica

Birthday! Vegas and Awards!

Ok, I know you have been waiting but in this post you will find this year’s Monica Nevi’s Birthday Awards! If you are unfamiliar, I give out awards to the best birthday wishes I receive every year. Gives YOU something to be interested in on MY birthday… nice of me I know.

These are a little later than other years because I spent the weekend in Vegas… more like Vegas spent the weekend in me. I don’t know what that means either. Bullet point summary of the trip start:

  • VIP sections
  • Asked to leave the same VIP section three times
  • Pain in feet, still finding cuts and bruises
  • Lost and then recovered phone
  • Anxiety attack
  • Good friends who give lovies
  • Seahawks at the VIP table next to us
  • Only real disappointment is that my own was the only naked body I saw and I am not married still.
  • Good time overall


Start Birthday Awards:

First birthday wish (America): Adam Trevino 12:00am Feb. 6th, complete with count down texts from 11:58pm!

First birthday wish (International): Beau Owen-Smith from Australia!

Most Obnoxious birthday wish: Aaron Kirby, via facebook, in all caps, COMPLETE WITH IRRELEVANT TANGENTS!

Best Photo Collage: TIE Mandy Schendel and Armando Ballesteros, cause I like pictures of both of you…

Best Personalized Video: Kristen O’Neill and Kacie Sowell, just for being adorable and awarding me points

Best Random Video: TIE Brandi Ervin, only because I did exactly what those runway models did more than once the first night out in Vegas ( David Leon, Lil Debbie can make the fuck out of a cake, I don’t think I would eat it or one David made but I liked it. (

Most Surprising Wishes: TIE All of my exes that texted me, which was almost all of them. And the fans that sent me messages/memes/posts because it is surprising I have fans!

Best Tweet: ME! Yeah I am giving myself an award for sitting in a Vegas restaurant alone on Friday and tweeting at least 40 celebrities that they had “accidentally forgotten to tell me happy birthday yesterday” Haha I laughed out loud everyone I sent. It went out to pop stars, actors, rappers, comedians, athletes, drag queens, and more! I got responses from Sir Mix-a-lot (he called me sweetheart), Mo Collins, Alaska Airlines, Sarah Colonna, The Comedy Store, and gained like 11 twitter slut followers. I deserve an award for that, especially because that is a very low percentage of responses from how many people I tweeted that too haha. My life is actually pretty sad most of the time :)

Congrats to the winners! Thanks to everyone who played even if you didn’t know you were playing! Many of you were very close, you guys keep making this harder for me! I’m excited to see the angry “this is bullshit” tweets from the losers…

Thank you everyone, I had a great birthday because of you! Especially Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Monica :)

Tis the Season to be PC

Happy Holidays friends! Yeah, I said holidays! Tis the season for political correctness people. I think it is necessary to address this issue, especially around this time of year. Maybe it is odd and/or hypocritical for a comedian to be pro-political correctness but I am. I will explain why.

If we are not being politically correct, for whatever reason, it’s exclusion. Pretty simple. Exclusion is it’s own form of discrimination. By saying “It’s Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays” you are excluding a huge group of people that don’t celebrate Christmas. In another scenario would you do that? Would you say, “everybody have a good weekend, except the Jews because you are different”??? No. And if you would stop reading, this is not going to turn out well for you.

If something makes someone feel bad, you shouldn’t do it. This all seems very elementary to me because that’s how you should be treating people anyways but for some reason we forget. It’s saying little person instead of ‘midget’, not using the word ‘fag’, supporting the African-American community instead of ‘the blacks.’ It’s eas. And understand that for every rule there is a reason and that reason is the way those things make people feel. Those words make people feel bad, mistreated and excluded. Therefore it has been requested that we use different words that don’t evoke some ill feelings. Sure, words can never hurt us but it’s not a way to make friends. Unless your goal is to make people feel bad or you really hate some group, political correctness is necessary.

It is amazing what feelings words can conjure up. Now, you are right, I don’t know what it is like to be a gay man or an African-American or a little person, your struggles are your own and I respect that. However, I was walking down the street in Seattle last year and a homeless man looked right at me and said “Hey bitch, you got any beer?” in the most aggressive and disrespectful way I have ever heard that word. I had never had anyone use that term in such a intentionally hurtful way. He wanted to assert himself, I guess. I have never had such a physical response to someone calling me a name like that, I felt terrible, my stomach was turned over and I started to sweat. At first I was confused that anyone would have the audacity to actually say that to another person but after comprehending that it happened I got really mad. My initial reaction was to hurt him back, but I told him ‘no’ and walked away. I almost turned around when I realized how badly I wanted to call him a fucking asshole and say hurtful things about how he ended up in his current homeless state, which I would follow up with a little sales advice in that alienating your audience and deeply offending them is probably not the best way to find the bitch with the beer. However, that would be throwing hate around just because I was hated on. Fighting fire with fire doesn’t put out a fire it just makes a bigger one. I don’t want to be called a bitch, it is demeaning and excludes me from a group who you feels deserves the more respect than I do. That’s fuckin rude.

I think it is healthy to be able to joke around with your friends or have fun with people about your differences, in fact I see that as a way of embracing them. With that in mind, excluding a group and/or demeaning them because you are so passionate about the way you do things or celebrate a season is ignorant and disrespectful. I am embarrassed by association. And yes I say Merry Christmas to my friends and family that I know celebrate it but I only think airports should have Christmas trees if there are Stars of David and African cloth, art and everything else to celebrate too. If that can’t be accommodated then don’t put anything up. If you don’t have enough to share with the class, save it for home. Again, it’s that elementary.

Just be aware of other people and how you would feel if you were excluded. A lot of the time we are politically incorrect unintentionally and it doesn’t come from a bad place but it is still there and still hurtful. There is no fucking war on Christmas, there is simply a want for inclusion. No one said “We need to get rid of the Christmas trees and only put up only menorah,” they simply asked to be represented as well. I think that is admirable and isn’t that what the season is all about? Togetherness and taking care of each other.

A little intense and corny but this is something that has been bothering me.

In other news I updated my calendar and the Daily Dabble is back!!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!


Night Six: And Scene

Well there it was. The end. Last night at the Parlor Live in Bellevue for our final night of the Seattle International Comedy Competition Week 2 Preliminary. What a great crowd to preform for on the last night, I had a wonderful time. The overall experience was rewarding and I think I learned a lot. Last night specifically felt good, until I went over time just at the end and got a .5 penalty which definitely effected my nightly ranking but didn’t really matter in the weekly standings. I did get a little upset afterwards and look for the waitress that dropped a bunch of silverware in a bucket while I was mid joke, which I chose to comment on and probably would have been under time had I not done that. Then I realized how crazy that was and just let it go.

Overall feelings and rewards from the week:

1. Now, in a retrospective analysis, I am actually happy with the way the week went and fairly impressed with how I did. I am younger, less experienced in comedy and in competitions. I still managed a first place night and an overall 8th place finish for the week. It was questionable whether I even belonged in the competition and I think I did a good job of answering that question.

2. I learned so much. The necessity of confidence and the reason I should be confident in what I do, it’s funny. The next steps for me and some things I need to get in order before I make them. The real subjectivity of art. How my body responds to highly stressful conditions. And many Australia sayings that I will hold onto forever.

3. People always say it’s about who you know not what you know and I have always thought that was true. Now I know a lot more people whom I learned a lot from and had a great time with. I consider these people friends and there are a plethora of cities and countries I could go to and feel I had a place to stay. My favorite moments from the week were in the car or the bar sharing stories or just being idiots. There are a handful of people that if they weren’t there it would have been 20 times harder to do this thing.

4. There isn’t a way to describe how difficult this week is. I think for all the comics on the bill it was stressful, emotional and disappointing at times. However, I did it. I finished and I am happy with how I did. I didn’t cry, I didn’t give up, I didn’t even call any of the judges a bad name… well, maybe. There is a big split some times in the “who is a comic and who is an open micer” blah blah. But I can definitely say, I feel more like a comic now than I ever have before.

Unfortunately, there is one little thing that isn’t fantastically positive about the end results. I felt like the female comics on our week were really strong, so funny. But none of us made it to the semi-finals. I didn’t get the chance to see any shows last week but unfortunately none of the female comics got through then either. Meaning that there are zero females in the semi-finals at all and obviously won’t be any in the finals. I don’t necessarily think there is a place to put blame in this topic but it is noticeable and there were definitely ladies that were capable of being up there. Our week was very close and many of us females were close to getting in that top 5, but just missed it. That may be the one negative feeling I have to take away from this. Obviously, I would have liked to see at least one female comic make it through this thing but we’ll have to wait for another year for that!

Am I happy I did it? Yes. Would I do it again? After some time I would consider it. Am I in love with at least half of the contestants on my week? Yes.

Thank you for the support through this whole thing and to all the people that came to some shows, you are amazing! Keep coming out and supporting me and my fellow comics, we are definitely worth it!

And congratulations to all the semi-finalists you ALL did amazing and I wish you great shows this coming week!

:) Monica

Night Five: The Break Up

I haven’t had a real break up in almost 4 years but we were chatting about it last night and that is the same exact feeling, emotionally I have been feeling this whole week. It doesn’t seem that I am the only one either. It’s the constant trying to calm yourself down because you are so nervous or upset or whatever. Luckily, I am a bit of a cold hearted bitch so I am pretty good at dealing with these types of things. I haven’t cried yet, which is actually fairly surprising but I feel like after the first night I was pretty good about not paying to much attention to what was happening because again, it’s 3-5 judges with your wellbeing in their hands and they don’t give a shit.

This is like the end of a relationship that is dysfunctional but you want to hold on to it for some reason because some times it’s really good! But other times it’s really bad and he makes you cry. One night you feel like you are the only girl in the world and the other nights he has already moved on to someone else. You put yourself to bed in an effort to relax and forget about the pain of you losing your relationship but you wake up feeling just as nervous and upset. And instead of being strong, moving on and empowering yourself you just go right back for one more night to see if he can love you again. It’s a 6 day cycle of trying to hold on to something that never really was. After tonight, we will try and hold onto the good things that came from our relationship and forget the rest and move on looking for a more stable, rewarding set of shows. I need someone to treat me right.

At least that is what we were talking about last night.

Night five was interesting. Hometown, so great to see some of my friends and family there supporting me! However, I got more nervous for this one than I had for some others and the crowd was very split for me. Which was fine, honestly I’m not upset about how it went. I didn’t make top 5 but I didn’t do poorly, I was close up there. And as far as the whole week goes, everything is still really close. So sure, there is a chance. There is a chance for a lot of us. There is also a chance that my work will burn down and I won’t have to go in anymore. So yeah there is a chance for me but only if someone really fucks up.

Tonight is the final night at the Parlor Live at 7pm. You can see the results for the week and maybe I will cry? But I have been surprised by a few things that I have learned this week:

1. I actually like Canadians.

2. I don’t think any shows after this will ever seem hard.

3. The emotional responses I have had to this show me that I do care about it and I have definitely chosen correctly if I was trying to find something to be passionate about.

4. I need new headshots. Monica -20 lbs looks a little different than what I have for headshots now.

5. I really do need a vacation.

I have completely stopped identifying as a real person, this week has totally immersed me in something that I don’t think a normal person could understand. Any other emotion besides something involving the competition has completely shut off. It’s really all I have been thinking about and I never went into this with that intention. In fact, I have had a full weekend booked next weekend for awhile, that’s how well I saw this thing going. So to even have been able to stay in the middle of the pack being younger, less experienced, not having representation or any tv credits is pretty good on me I think. So there were good things about our relationship and how that is going to further my development as a comic and professional. Tonight is that last night, to get that closure and be proud of what we had together but realize it is time to walk away.


Night Four: Keep it Clean Bitches

Auburn Avenue Theatre and clean comedy everybody! After the fourth night of competition my new frustration is that I am doing well. On stage but not necessarily in the rankings. Last night I followed the guy who got first, Lonnie, who crushed it. I went up, did really well I thought, awesome crowd but it just isn’t showing up in the end. Not that I should have been top 5 I felt a little dip in the middle that I didn’t like but other than that it was a good set. Now, I didn’t look at the scores again just heard that I was 9th but I did say “whore” on stage which I am not 100% sure if I got knocked for. Supposed to be clean and I changed another joke to censor it but forgot about that word until I was halfway through that joke. Maybe I got .5 off, maybe I didn’t. Regardless, we were chatting last night about how if it was a regular show and I did that set I would feel great about it. Even if I had a set that I didn’t feel went that great it would just be “oh well.” This environment of scoring and competition just makes the whole thing different. I have been pretty good at letting it go after I get off stage, sure it still bothers me a bit that I’m not doing as well as I want to be but I am having fun and all these comics are great. I can tell it’s the same for others too. There has been some voiced frustration, some tears and quite a bit of anger at times but I think we all understand that everyone is good so there is nothing we can do about it. I don’t think I have laughed as hard as I did hanging out backstage last night than I have in awhile, it’s a good time regardless of how it goes.

The most interesting part to me is how we can’t really help that this whole thing screws with us mentally. I heard multiple times when people do better than the night before “I needed that” like if they were low again they would have lost it. I have also heard a few playing with the idea of dropping out because it was messing with them so badly. We can do 6 shows in 6 nights and be fine, shit we could do 15 shows in 6 nights and be fine but the atmosphere here of being judged like this is emotionally draining. Everyone is getting a bit tired and I must admit I am on that train as well.

Two nights left! Tonight in Renton at the Renton Civic Theatre! 8pm, I’m coming home! and tomorrow at the Parlor Live in Bellevue at 8pm. Then we recover, well 5 have to move on and do it over again, rough for them.

:) Monica

Night Three: And We’re Back Down

Last night was the third night of the SICC and maybe my favorite night so far. Probably confusing since I got first the night before and was not near the top 5 last night. However, I think it’s my favorite because I didn’t score high but I still felt good about what I did. The Market Theatre was great, pretty full and a lovely Seattle crowd. Here are the reasons I still feel good about what happened last night:

1. I went first. Which unfortunately is called “taking the bullet” by some. It’s tough to come out first, when the audience doesn’t know what to expect. Sure the host tries to get them going but he/she also has to do the announcements and other crap. I knew I had to come out hard, which is not my thing. I am a pretty low energy person, no Steven Wright but energetic is not how you would describe my comedy. So, I really just wanted to come out as hard as I could, which is difficult for me and then once I was done, not worry about it anymore. I felt I put forth a pretty decent effort in that. The audience took a few jokes to warm up to me but then I felt as my set went on we were on the same page. I felt good about my set and the energy I was able to muster up off the top.

2. The people. The girl who won last night, Julia, went second (yes I give myself a little credit for warming them up) and it was her birthday. The top 5 in general was a lot different again from previous nights, I think three people that hadn’t been up there yet and the only person who had been in top 5 night one and two was not up there. But I’m a sucker for people so when Julia won for the night and started crying, I thought it was adorable! The whole thing just reinforcing that I am having a great time hanging out with all these people regardless of being top half or bottom half for the night. Which is what we did after the show! We got to go out for Julia’s birthday and I had a blast! Getting to know everyone better and hanging out with new and old friends, much more fun being relaxed and hanging out than being all nervous backstage.

3. I do feel like I should be here. For a little while after that first show or just going into the competition in general I felt very small compared to a lot of the other people on the roster. When I got put in I was told that they were on the fence about me being in this year but then the producer said it was a good idea, so with the idea of having been questionable for a minute, I was questioning it to. I am less experienced than a lot of the comics, I don’t have representation, I have never been on commercials or movies and I am just now getting into writing other things besides stand-up. Which as much as I talked myself out of it, was a little intimidating because a lot of the others do have those things. Now, I do feel like I should be here, I am getting along with everyone and it has been acknowledged that it was a good choice to put me in this year instead of waiting and I feel good about it.

The rest of the week:

The craziest part this little rollercoaster we have been on (I hate rollercoasters by the way) is that it’s only half way done! Still have three more nights and everything is so close. I did not look at the scores last night, I didn’t want to over think it and let it bother me again. So numbers-wise I don’t really know what is happening but I have heard, on pretty much all the nights, it has been extremely close so it is still anyone’s game. Kind of crazy! I am also already feeling good about this week because Wednesday, apparently, was most likely the first time ever the Number 1 and Number 2 finishers for the night were both female, being myself and Bri Pruett (Note: there has only every been one female winner in Seattle in 33 years). Which is nice, we high fived about it.

So tonight is at the Auburn Ave. Theatre and it is our TV clean show! It’s at 7:30pm for those who want to come but don’t want to be awake later than 9:30pm. This one will be interesting I think. But tomorrow, tomorrow I get to go home! Our show tomorrow is at The Renton Civic Theatre and I am excited. It’s a venue I have worked in and it’s literally in my home town and if you know anything about me it’s that I am very proud of where I am from… maybe too proud! I am hoping to see some friends I don’t get to see very often which will be great! So Renton people, come to that! 8pm I think

There is more information about all of this stuff at

:) Monica

Night Two: The Other Side of the Coin

Ok, maybe this will make me sound like an asshole after my blog yesterday but honestly all of those things still apply. I got A LOT of great feedback yesterday after I wrote about the scores and the way I felt with the first night. A lot of great veteran comics whom I respect and have done this competition many times gave me awesome advice. The biggest thing I came away with was, don’t look at the scores, relax and have fun and enjoy being with these people and making friends. Funny because in basketball I had heard so many times when I was having a bad game or practice “in ten years you will not remember this practice or this game but you will remember the people you were with.” Which is exactly what needs to be the focus of this competition as well. So, I decided I wasn’t going to look at the scores and just do comedy. For some reason I really did feel a lot calmer when we got to the venue, maybe because we had done it once before. A particular message really hit with me after I posted the blog, a comic friend who I love and respect keeps a journal and has the headliners he works with write comedy advice in it. He sent me a photo of a page in it from Ben Roy, who I love, that just had “None of this matters” over and over and over again filling up the whole page. Which is correct. So even though last night I came in first place for the night, it still doesn’t matter.

Yes, I felt much different after last night than I did the first. Bellingham gave us a wonderful crowd and it was fun to perform for them! However, I did feel we had a fun crowd and they liked me the first night in Kirkland, but again they don’t give us scores. So, I had a great set, maybe one of the best and most fun times I have had on a stage last night. As I left the stage though there was this little thing still saying, ‘that doesn’t mean anything.’ I was still questioning how the judges would feel about me even though the audience was on board. And there was a moment of emotion when they announced the #2 spot and I had not been called yet. As these next few sentences get a little corny, stay with me. My younger cousin, who is probably closer to me than my brother, lives in Bellingham and I was so excited that him and his fiancé got to come watch, they sat pretty near the front and I could see them. Know that they were there helped me a lot. So when I got called up as first place and I got to pat Mitchell on the shoulder as I walked up to the stage, doing the competition was worth it. I have a very close knit family and they are very support which is not only rare in society in general but almost unheard of for a lot of comedians. So being able to see that overly excited look on his face was fantastic and a great reminder, that NONE OF THIS MATTERS.

So in the same way that I was telling myself the first night didn’t matter and to do the next without scores or judges because I felt poorly about it, is the same thing I need to do for the show after feeling good about it. My college coach would always say after a win “you have one hour to celebrate and then we focus on the next game.” She was crazy but very successful.

Tonight we are in Seattle at the Market Theatre and I am up first. “Taking the bullet” if you want to put it lightly. Which is a whole different world, whole new audience, all new judges. None of this matters. Come out to the show at 8pm tonight!

But first look at this dumb picture of me with the Top 5 list from last night that my cousin posted.



Night One: Oh, Ok I See How It Is.

Night one of my preliminary week of the Seattle International Comedy Competition is done. And I must say, I get it. The point of having an audience and really the point of stand-up in general is to be judged. The judgment usually only coming in the form of laughter (or lack of laughter). Now in this competition there are 3-5 judges every night, giving us scores based on their opinions. Last night at Laughs Comedy Spot, one of my favorite places, the audience was huge and they were great. I went up 5th out of 16 so pretty early in the show. I was very nervous, more nervous than I think I have ever been for a show. I did my set, surely tighter than usual because I was trying not to throw up. One little stumble of the words but other than that I felt great about the set, felt like the audience responded well, good feedback from people after I left the stage but I shortly learned a few things.

1. The audience doesn’t necessarily matter to your score. If we went solely off of audience response last night I think the scores would have looked a bit differently. So really, at least last night, that is no indication of how you did. I’m sure in every audience I perform for, for every 3 people who love me there is 1 that absolutely hates me. Comedy is art, art is subjective.

2. I really appreciate all the veteran comics that talked to me after, trying to give advice or say good job, they are awesome and I am so lucky that they care to take the time to try and help or encourage us. However, I’m pretty sure each one of them told me something different. One, that I greatly respect and admire, said my set was perfect (I’m sure I blushed). One said it seemed like it was more of a performance than my usual relaxed set, which is understandable. A couple gave me some advice on which jokes to change, move or add. At this point I am fully trying to absorb everything they are saying because I do respect these people, but now my head is going insane. Who do I listen to? What is going to help me the most? How do I feel about the set? Head now spinning.

3. One judge can hate you. Last night I came in 10th place and I am going to be completely honest, I didn’t see it coming. I did not see myself in the top 5 but I did think I would be higher than that. I wanted an explanation so I looked at the scores and one of the judges was the one out of four that hated me. The other three gave me similar scores but one scored me 11 points lower than any other score. Very subjective, this person did not like me. So I fell all the way to 10th, which is maybe where I should have been but the part that is frustrating is if all the judges were consistent I would not have been that far down. Would I have been that much farther up on the ranking? no but still farther up. Two feelings come from having this information 1. why did this judge dislike me so much more than the others? and 2. I’m a little relieved to know that it was just one that scored me that low and not all of them.

Last night was industry night, where network executives and talent managers and agents are there, which is the perfect night to have on the first night when we don’t know what we are doing and are terribly nervous. Also, the perfect night for a judge to dislike me more than the others. Ha!

Here is what I have taken away from this, I suck and I should quit comedy forever.

Just kidding, as much as I told myself this before I really didn’t feel it until after last night “all I can do is go up, relax and do the set I want to do and have fun with it. As soon as I am off stage it is out of my hands.” Whatever they think of me is what is reflected in those scores and after I’m done I can’t do anything to change that. Which is how it is all the time except the laughing usually tells me how they feel and not numbers two hours after I have gone on stage.

There are positives.

1. The first night is over, I have done it now I know what I’m doing and it’s not fucking industry night.

2. Every comedian in this thing is amazing, so funny which not only makes for a good competition but a great show to watch after or before you perform.

3. So far everyone has been really nice, meeting hilarious awesome people from all over the world and getting to hang and bond with some of the other local talent has been fun and I didn’t even hear half the things they said last night because I was so nervous so I’m hoping it gets even better!

4. Even though I am upset, expecting more from myself and a bit frustrated with the results last night, I still hate my day job more than that and I get time off from it this week! Going back this morning to those assholes was rough… Yes, all children are assholes.

Tonight we are in Bellingham, let’s see how it goes! All the judges could hate me this time!

On another note due to the crazy schedule of this week Mitch and I have chosen to go on a short hiatus from the Daily Dabble return 11/18 so take this opportunity to catch up, share and subscribe to the show!

Thanks guys!


Renton Recap: Monica Nevi Presented

It has been almost a month since the show I produced at the Renton Civic Theatre and maybe I needed that much time to process it all or maybe I got a new job and then pneumonia that hindered me from writing about it. Either way I am here to recap what happened if you missed it or give you a little behind the scenes and after-thoughts if you did make it out.

Stressful situations really reveal what you care about and how you deal with those things and it’s mostly revealed to you. I didn’t know I was neurotic and had OCD but put access to those ticket sales that I really wanted to go well to maximize fundraising on my phone and I was borderline in need of an intervention. As someone who is fairly notorious for procrastination I understand waiting until last minute to get your tickets but holy shit you guys scared me for awhile. Luckily that last week really drove up ticket sales and we actually made our ticket goal 2 days before the show which made it far less stressful for me. At that point I was able to start thinking about what I was actually going to say on stage! With online sales and walk-ups we sold about 110 tickets which I was very happy with. The theater manager was very happy with how they did as well and was interested in talking about some future I will get to that later.

When it comes to the actual show I had a blast on stage, a wonderful crowd to perform for and I know the rest of the comedians had a great time also! Thanks to the performers for doing such a great job! Xung Lam and his small but beautiful Asian self made the crowd fall in love! Aaron Kirby brought that energy to the show that he can even convey through text message, he texts in ALL CAPS! And my good friend and hilarious southern gem Mitch Burrow closed it solidly for me, I was very happy with how it went! Not going to lie we may have had just as much fun backstage as we did performing, here is a bit of proof: WP_20130907_010 WP_20130907_013 WP_20130907_012 WP_20130907_015 WP_20130907_006

Obviously we were being professional and courteous the whole time!

The whole thing was amazing, we even raised more money after the show! Overall it was enough for my mom to cover her fundraising for her next Team in Training event completely and donate more to other people on her team that are fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma also, amazing!

We had a great time at the Berliner afterwards so thanks again to them for the sponsorship and great party! Also, thanks to our other sponsor Steve at Better Properties, they made it so much easier on me! Finally, thanks to all the people who came out to support, you are amazing! Not only my friends and family but the Renton Community in general, I knew I could count on you! And another special thanks to Tracey Compton at the Renton Reporter for writing the article about me and the show, it definitely generated more interest! I would also like to thank Amani Taylor for donating his time to be my utility player and boy did he do a fantastic job! Chris Leher for putting on his announcer voice to do the voice over to bring me up on stage, Billy Anderson for a rockin’ poster and Hugh Travis at Travis Media Group for helping me with our awesome promo video along with the acting skills of Yogi Paliwal, Jamal Harrington, Mike James and the two chicks that worked at the chicken place next door! I am very lucky to have had them and firmly reassured that not everyone in the world is an asshole, thanks everyone!

The manager of the theater seemed very pleased and interested in doing more shows. In an attempt to neither over-saturate nor stretch myself too thin I think we’ll wait a few months for another one but we have another charity in mind and I have some more great comedians interested in the show as well as new material of my own that I am excited to share with you! So keep your eyes open for show and ticket information to upcoming Monica Nevi Presents shows at the Renton Civic Theatre! I would love to see your faces again and for those of your that missed out here’s to having another chance! If you have questions, photos from the event (that I would love to have) or would be interested in sponsorship of future shows, please feel free to e-mail me at!

Thanks again!!! You made a difference and made me very happy!


:) Monica